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Our Services

(1) "What If ?" Analysis

( with AI Machine Learning and Computer Vision Analytics )

With our camera system and advance computational assets we can provide your organization with valuable deep insights into the utilization and efficiency of your manpower and capital equipment deployment.

It addresses the following operational gaps and problems :-

1) Capacity and Manpower Planning         

2) Bottlenecks Analysis                                    

3) Man-Machine-Coupling                           

4) Activities Work Samplings                           

5) Value-Added and Non-Value-Added

    activities studies

6) Methods & Motion-Time Studies

7) Others...

2) Company-Wide-Continuous-Improvement Projects

With a systematic and fruition outcome of your operational gaps analysis, and, alignment for improvement actions,  we can provide additional value-added project  implementation and management  services to provide best-fit solutions in the following areas for your organization :-

1) Digitalization 

2) IIoT : Industrial Internet

              of Things

3) Robotics

4) Circular Manufacturing 

5) Manufacturing Sustainability

6) Factory Planning, Layout

    Designs, and Project


7) Others

3) kaizen dojo

We can also tailor-make Best Practices classes to support your organization's synergized and 

Lean implementation journey.

Some suggestions, includes (but are not limited to) :-

A) " 5S - The Art Of Good Housekeeping for

                Continuous Improvement "

B) Kaizen & Lean implementation techniques

Welcome to our kaizen dojo ! 

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